Forever Quality

When it comes to customer satisfaction and longer lasting flowers, Smithers-Oasis has been committed since day one to making sure every brick of floral foam we produce will provide a healthy foundation for long-lasting arrangements.

Today, the black and white photo of the flower test room shown here has been replaced with beautiful colors. The research and technology that backs up every piece of OASIS® Floral Foam will probably never be known by the recipient. However, a lot of talent is put forth by the florist, whose creativity and reputation is on the line with every arrangement and is the driving force behind our motto of "consistent quality."

Our wettable floral foam has a cell composition that permits control of saturation time and provides increased water transfer capabilities. This assures maximum cut-flower life of arrangements made in OASIS® brand Floral Foam.

Because our foam formulations are proprietary, much of the equipment used to produce them has been customized by our in-house engineering staff to meet our specific processing needs. Since product quality is one of our primary driving forces, the technicians in our quality assurance labs continually test both raw materials and finished products to make sure they meet our rigid quality specifications.

A greenhouse, located at our Kent, Ohio manufacturing facility, allows our OASIS® Grower Products to undergo all sort of quality testing to ensure our commercial greenhouse customers receive the quality product they have come to depend on.

All in all, Smithers-Oasis is truly dedicated to producing a quality product, time and time again! As with photography, the world is not black and white, but alive with flowers and foliage of all varieties and colors. Don't risk your reputation on anything less than OASIS® brand Floral Products.