iPhone上最好的短信软件biteSMS 7 4正式版授权破解法 只需 ,求一个视频播放器 要可以播放网络硬盘里的电影 威锋 ,自带短信音腻了吧 分享一些超经典的短信音 简洁 清爽


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iPhone上最好的短信软件biteSMS 7 4正式版授权破解法 只需 ,求一个视频播放器 要可以播放网络硬盘里的电影 威锋 ,自带短信音腻了吧 分享一些超经典的短信音 简洁 清爽


Ensure that your needle doesn’t go through the palm of your hand with the help of a high-quality sailmakers’ palm from Sailrite®. A perfect choice for any dedicated sailmaker or sail loft, a sailmaking palm is equipped with a built-in thimble that rests on the palm to avoid accidents and to improve tension. A sailmaking palm allows you to put extra strength and tension onto the twine in hand sewing applications, so it’s a must-have for thick assemblies. Although these accessories are designed for sailmaking and canvaswork, they are also useful for a variety of other heavy-duty sewing applications where you’re working with thick materials such as leather.

We carry two adjustable seaming and roping palms by William Smith & Son for either your left or right hand. These comfortable, high-quality sewing palms are handcrafted in England using broken-in leather and an easy-to-adjust buckle strap for a custom-like fit. They also feature a large metal thrusting base with a brass cap and a molded rawhide palm protection. A durable thumb shield protects the thumb when roping, as the twine is wrapped and then pulled hard over the thumb while in use. With both right- and left-handed options available, we recommend choosing the palm for your dominant hand.

To use your William Smith & Son palm, position the dull end of the needle in one of the divots of the thimble and hold the needle as straight as possible. Use the palm of your hand to drive the needle through thick assemblies of sailcloth, canvas and more. Finally, you’ll want to wrap the twine around your protected thumb and pull it taut. Make sure to watch this video from Sailrite before using your palm to see this practical tool in action. You can pair the left or right palm with the desired hand sewing sailmaking needle of your choice, also available at Sailrite.

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